Greaterfield - The new "BBLog" for companion and BF forums - Better Battlelog Forums #156699

Well, i can't get my hands off this franchise...

I started development of a new extension for companion and the new forums.

It's called...

Don't know why this name, it comes to my mind first, so i took that.

What will be different to Better Battlelog?

In general, all. It's a whole new extension, fresh from scratch.
I really don't know what will come and what i will do.

All new development circle

With BBLog i fully controlled the development of BBLog. This will change, somehow.
Greaterfield is designed from scratch to collaborate on GitHub.
All themes and plugins will also be hosted on GitHub for a seamless developer experience.
The changes that made the step into the extension are controlled by me, in the first place. Maybe this will change.


You can get your hands on, right now. Theme support is implemented, pretty raw and dirty, but it should work.
The roadmap will be shown in the issues and wiki of github.

A homepage also exist, but it will be pretty simple a will not contain any forums at all.