Platoon Logo not uploading - Better Battlelog Forums #2143

i just install better battlelog yesterday on chrome
when i upload my Platoon Logo picture
the circle is just spinning forever
any clue?
Please wait for the 21. November.
The addon will be completely new and your issue should be solved.
The current problem with this issue is NOT produced by BBLog.
DICE made it impossible to save platoon images without any content (badge) in it.
You could not save images with just the background. Hope the will fix it, otherwise BBLog can't make the upload working again.
I have been having the same problem off and on since early September with each new update. I don't think EA wants us to post photos anymore. Some people abuse the privilege and post porn and EA is tired of the complaints.
DICE Engineer Statement, it's "officially" deactivated to upload custom platoon images.
that's a shame.. was looking forward to boosting my platoon's moral with my designs. I wished they'd give us more shapes >:[
So I'm guessing that there is no more loopholes for uploading custom images, and therefore no update for the custom image uploader? :(

brain wrote:
DICE Engineer Statement, it's "officially" deactivated to upload custom platoon images.
That's what it is.
So will this not be fixed? I was really looking forward to adding my own little edited photo to my platoon as oppose to having to use the poor emblem creator.
It cannot be fixed. Only DICE can make it working again.
Oh. :( We should get the whole community to ask them to allow it.
Welp, it is what it is... I must say thank you for what you have done thus far to help make BattleLog a better experience. Leave it to DICE to do crap like that.

brain wrote:
That's what it is.