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Hi BBLog Team,
I am using 3.13 and I do have a problem with the melee ribons count towards the medal. It should be 20 for each medal since the last change - you are still counting to 30.
Just a minor fix, but why not have it perfect :)

Besides that great work to all of you. A shame EA can't do a better job. They still have so many bugs in Battlelog left it is a joke.
thx for report thats true.
but the text "optain the melee ribbon 30 times" is included by EA DICE.
lol, they change their own rule and forget to change the text xD
Yeah their text is wrong as well - but I am refering to the small number in the left top corner of the medal which counts down towards the medal when betterbattlelog is active. I believe that one comes from BBLOG.

We are getting used to the fact that Dice missed something in battlelog again...again...again - but not you ;)
i know what you mean ;-)
and yes the other numbers are from us, we will fix this :-)