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Is it possible for BBLog to hide or otherwise block servers based on a list? I realise this is going to require creating a plugin, and I'm willing to do the learning required to create it (I've dabled with jquery before, but nothing major) but before I start I wanted to check if its actually possible.

The idea is to have a web based list of servers that my friends and I have had bad experiences on (Abusive admins, excessive cheating) and set up a plugin to check the servers against that list, hiding any matches. At the moment we are using the radar option, but it means each player has to add each server manually, so theres always someone who misses one. Plus it means we still have the servers on the list, so occasionally join them by accident.

So, is it possible?
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Use a server radar source. Thats exactly why this feature exist.

BBLog Options -> Server Radar -> Radar Sources

Add a url that you host.