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EDIT: This plugin's now superceded by an integrated feature in Battlelog. Couldn't have wished for anything more than that!

Inspired by this request on the Battlelog feedback forum:

"Toggle "Show locked" unlocks"

I decided to throw together a quick plugin to do this via BBlog.

The resulting script can be found here:

Simply adds a button to the top of the BF4 loadout page to toggle view of locked items. Maintains the toggled on/off state within the session. It doesn't re-order items from multiple rows into full rows and it doesn't remove empty category headings. Quick, dirty, but cuts down on the clutter of useless items.
This is now included in my "Loadout Sets" plugin. It likely won't get updated to match changes with BattleLog down the road, but it'll stay hosted as it is into the future, in case anyone finds it useful. If DICE/ESN (or BBLog) integrate gear sets natively but don't include this function anywhere, of course, I'll be returning to this one (we can only hope).