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since few days the graphs in my main soldier page (after the "completion level") doesn´t working more.
Its now non-existent.
Hi, have you enabled the option " Stats" for that?
I can't reproduce that.
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yes its enabled.

it was working before, just in last days not.

I use Chrome.
now i see also, that in my chrome doesn´t display the datas. There its give error "failure rendering ...."
This error doesn´t come with ie.
Perhaps any problem with chrome.
Well, if you have problems on also than you should go to there forums:
ok, now i have found that one plugin disturb this. If i have deactivated most, so its working.

Sry for the disturb and thank you for your help.

You can close this thread
Can you say us which plugin makes this error?
i have test it now, it was "okayfreedom"

Perhaps, the plugin have update himself and so its not more working together with BetterBattlelog and BFStats.
K thx.