200 dog tag assignment stuck - Better Battlelog Forums #1988

BBlog version : 2.3.0

Browser: Firefox 15.0

when update to latest bblog release and looking at the new assignments... all assignments updated to my current stat figures, except the 200 dogtag one. it is stuck at 196 dogtags taken. i actually have over 600 dog tags taken.

since this i have taken 20 more dogtags refreshing the assignments page after each round, but the stats are not updating
Please post your stats profile link.
actually i've kinda resolved the issue.

it was the wording of the assignment was misleading.

looking in battlelog i have 196 different "styles" of dogtags... its only when you count the multiples of each style do you actually get the number of dogtags actually taken.

pehaps changing the wording of the assignment is needed since it goes on the number of different styles of dog tag taken... not actual number of dog tags in total taken.




The wording is the same as in battlelog.
As you see, taken is 196 in the dogtags tab and in the custom assignments. BF3stats count all received dogtags (also multiple times).

But some improvement of the wording is better. I will do something for that.
Well dog tags taken should mean "You stabbed ppl and took their dog tags"