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What games are you guys looking froward too this year?
I myself have a few games that I've got my eyes on.

--- Most Anticipated ---

Remember Me

Watch Dogs

--- Anticipated ---

Grand Theft Auto V
Metro: Last Light
Star Wars 1313
Tomb Raider
Crysis 3

They're not listed in a specific order other than name length :P
= Owns
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Sorted by awesomeness

* C&C Generals 2
* SimCity
* WatchDogs
* BF4
In order of "OMG! I'll buy this without see any gameplay" :P :

Remember Me
Watch Dogs
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Day Z Standalone
Arma III

And my favorite one i've already pre-purchased this year to get access to the alpha
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GTA5 and Tomb Rider and Watch Dogs.
Interested in BF4, but if they rls mod tools after or with end game, screw that...

some of you know that is one of my domains :-D
And all GTA fans knows, Verdant-Meadows is the airfield from GTA: San Andreas in the desert.

So, everybody knows that GTA:V is playing in San Andreas. And on one screen i've already discovered the airfield... so yes, it would be GTA:V! And i can't wait of it. to my happiness, my girlfriend has an PS3, so i can play it before it will be released for PC :-)

the screen:

any yes, i'm almost sure that this is the "new" Verdant-Meadows =D

other games... i don't know... maybe SimCity, AmrA III, maybe BF4 ^^ dont know more :-P
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there will be no pc version, imho..

ezek1el3000 wrote:
there will be no pc version, imho..


If so, then Rockstars are fucking retarded...
I can't belive, that the costs of porting the game from consoles to PC would be more expensive then it would gain from selling the PC copies... I just can't, even if it would be major crap port.

Making a game like that console only is a suicide. Anyone can warez the hell out of it on consoles as well, so what is their fking problem?
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They will see that they break their own neck.
PC is the #1 platform for games. Ever was and ever will be.
Well, PC have the most cracked software but today with all the online features and limitations, you must have a original copy to play the game in the full power.
ezek1el3000 wrote:
there will be no pc version, imho..


only because they didn't wrote that it will be released for pc it doesn't mean that they won't do it.
normally the PC Version coming out always a half year after the ps3/xbox. i think it will be like this again. and im 100% sure they will release the PC version. also because the modding scene from GTA is based on the PC Version and they will lose a lot of fans and gamers when they won't.