A new developer here - Better Battlelog Forums #2156

Hi and greetings earthlings.

I'm a front-end developer with a master in interface design who is looking forward to the new bblog plugin for Battlelog. I only started last week with developing for bblog but I'm looking forward on creating some new plugins for the 3.0 system.

I can't wait for the 21st of november so I can grab the new 3.0 system and get coding. Only one more day left!

Take care!
Welcome and have fun with 3.0, tomorrow.
Thanks! I'm looking forward.

The example plugin file looks like its properly structured with the addition that the plugins are finally modular. Something that works well for me. Can't wait to get started.
Awesome to see a new addition to the community, welcome :)
great! i'm wondering wich nice plugin you would share for our community =)
i like it if there are a lot of people who wants to do something for Blog!
Depending on BBlog and the default features, I will create a list of plugins that I want to write.

So until then I am not sure what I will be creating in the near future.
Welcome to the forum :)