Eagle 100 --- and then.!? - Better Battlelog Forums #2034

I reached colonel service star(eagle)100 at the bf3 version on xbox 360.

We have reached just the halftime of bf3 releases and I earn any following Points
only for the Worldranking.
It would be better for the gamers , like me ,and a growing pool of passionate soldiers-
If they have following targets after reach the colonels higest grade.
What,if- Dice alloweds a following ranking system,if they would -it can be an General-Stars
ladder,start from colonel 100 and then move to General 1 ,perhaps with a big Nuke in the backround.

I hope for that!

Sorry for my English,Im a german Soldier.

please send suggestions
Thats nice, but Better Battlelog isn't DICE, so you'll have to write them about it.