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Could you make plugin which let us to chat with random people on battlelog?
Sometimes I want to send some messages to guys who's not in my main friend list. My friend list is full and I would like add 200-300 more friends if I could to communicate with these people. But I can't cuz DICE locked number of friends!

Well, it would be nice if you guys let us chat with random people via BetterBattlelog on Battlelog.
And you could make Extended Friendlist(like custom plugin with same name). So we will be able to add 999999 friends to our friendlist and communicate with these people.

How do you like the idea?
Sry, this is not what BBLog support.

To increase the friends limit we all need DICE. Sure, it's possible with many hints but each of that require a extremely high amount of requests to the battlelog server - At least 1 for each new friend every x seconds.

Thats horrible and really not that what BBLog is designed for.