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Hi everybody. Im new here and i don't know if it was mentioned already. But the Serverbrowser does not show all servers.

Try this go to regions and tick your region (Asia, Amerika, Europe whatever) then tick tdmcq, tdm and sqdm.
You will now see servers if you update the browser. Count them. Then detick just tdm and update again. Count now and you will see now servers appearing which were not listed in the first update. This is a bug since i bought the game and noone checks it but me?

This ain't a bug from BBLog, you need to go to DICE for your error.
have you thought about that this server were not listed up because they didn't have this gamemodes? f.e. if there are servers which game mode rotation? full server and somebody is leaving?

i think thats not a bug. there are so many servers worldwide! you can NEVER change your settings and hope you will get the same list than before!