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I was thinking of something like a "good radar" system. Think of it like the nice kids list that Santa has :P. Basicly you could add anyone to it, not just people from your friends list (just like the radar), but you would maby recieve a desktop notification telling you that they're now playing on some server. I made two previews that I threw together really quickly of roughly how it would look and included them in the links below. The linear one was scratched early on in the process, as it is useless as a desktop notification, but I still included it becouse why not if I alredy made it, though I didn't put much work into it. I then moved on to the pop-up box, which was made in the style of the different error's you get on Battlelog. It would be a nice adition to the alredy existing features of BBLOG, as looking for a specific person you don't have on your friends list (happens to me a lot, usually becouse of having full friends lists) is a nightmare right now if you don't have direct voice communication. It would probably be possible to get other features out of this list, like alerting you if the person makes you a mission/a non friend sends you a message etc. Just my 2 cents though, love BBLOG anyway, keep up the good work devs! :D

- - pop-up alert box
- - linear alert (scratched)

I think this is a really great improvement! Would be nice if he enters in BBLog with the following big update!
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There already exist a feature like this.
BBLog Soldier Radar with sound - It notify you when a player on your radar join the server you're playing on.

Checkout this page

and search for "Soldier Radar Sound".

I guess that's basically that what you want, just with sound :)

To make a feature like you wish, notify me when someone on my list join any server is not possible because the massive performance impact.