We are still here - Better Battlelog Forums #142135

Hi all!

Yes we are still here we're just silent :)

BBLog works good as it is, there is nothing big to improve or fix currently, so we don't push out new updates in the next time.

Star Wars: Battlefront will also not be released in Battlelog so no new game in this year for us to watch.

Next game in the battlelog is unknown so we just can wait right now.

We reached nearly 6 million downloads, how cool is that?

So, just a quick note from us for all that think we are inactive, we are here, we are active, we're watchin :)

So, happy summer holidays for all out there, chill while drinkin drinks and all that stuff.
Never touch a running system ;-D
Enjoy the summer and dont play too many games, enjoy the weather, enjoy the sun B-)
Woot woot :)