Hello BBF! :D - Better Battlelog Forums #1706

Hi BB Members ,

I'm Ryan , But people call me Casper :D . I'm massive Fan of Battlefield 3 , Gaming is pretty much my hobby. It's something what chills me out (witch sounds daft) but it works for me :D . So come across this site after being told about the BB Code add on feature , It's fantastic as making your threads tidy , easy to read . There's nothing better then having a Tidy , good looking New thread to post :D. So appreciate the work on that and the people what created it .

Anyways, I hope to be posting on here a lot as well as Battlelog. :D
Fun to see more people are turning up on our forums :) Welcome.
Hey... you are the 40th registred user =)
(and 16 other Teammembers)
Welcome ;)