Other Stats Possibly to Intergrate in - Better Battlelog Forums #2102

I think there are some other stats that would be beneficial to add to peoples stats pages.

Kill per minute for both vehicles and weapons is an important one
, as it's one of the few things that can't be influenced by boosting and things of that nature. For weapons, it can be somewhat influenced by playing high player count Close Quarters, but even then it's still a good measure of someones actual ability. It's even more important for vehicles.

Another neat idea might be to add the Rankings from someones BF3Stats.com page, disabled vehicles per round, General Score per Minute and all of the other ones.

The BF3stats.com integration is easily one of the best features of BBlog, but I think there are a few key stats that everyone would benefit to including!
KPM already exist for weapons. For vehicles it makes less sense, imho.
And for all things that bf3stats.com already have you can visit bf3stats, they should also benefit from more users.