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Ok, Ive been here before and have signed up with BBLog. I really appreciate what you guys have done for us, the community. I love your themes, emblems, add-ons, and all of it. Just one problem, how in the world do I install the plugins that you have. I'm on firefox, but I didn't quite understand the instructions. Please help. And thank you again!
Really? 25 views and not one person can help me?
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Just open the BBLog Options in Battlelog -> Plugin Gallery -> Enable any of the listed plugins with the small checkbox on the left of the title - Reload, done.
And you should somehow relax :) Views are not equal to real logged in bblog board members
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I do not see option for BBLog anywhere on Battlelog. I'll go look again. And relax? I was perfectly calm, just didn't know that 25 didn't mean 25. And thanks for you help though..seriously. I had it all up and going before about 2months ago, but something happened and I believe I deleted it all, i just can't remember how to put it back on. Thought all i did was copy n paste after the download. Thank you.
Nope, no option to check.
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You did not see any of this stuff in your battlelog?

If not than the plugin seems to be not working for you - Check your firefox addons if you see any problem there.

Also check if you are NOT on a https battlelog site.
Hello again. No, i can't see that option anywhere. I have BBLog downloaded and is enabled on my computer, but i do not see the option to open it on the left side of my screen, or anywhere for that matter. And as for the add ons, when I select one it opens and near the bottom it says "load " correct? but if that is what is supposed to enable them, it doesn't. I've tried copying and pasting them into the add new plugins and it just keeps saying wrong URL. I've gone through all my system settings and find nothing that might stop them from working.
At first, you need to get BBLog running in Battlelog.
Check of the known problems for firefox from this page
Than you will automatically see how you could use the plugins from our plugin gallery.
Hey Man, I just want to say thank you. I went back and sure enough, I completely skipped that part. Thanks again Brain. Again, it was Firefox settings, privacy, history and custom settings, select remember history. And if you have it set to ask you before allowing, you will have to allow the plugins and adobe flash to run.
Thank you.