More sever filters for playercount - Better Battlelog Forums #1492

I would like a better server filter because if say I want to show FULL severs and ones with up to 10 slots free i cant its either show everything, or don't show full severs but have other options checked. I know this is possible because coderah had changed the sever filters on battle log in one of the older versions. Would also love to be able to set custom ranges e.g a input box letting us type the free slot range would work well for instance 0-20 would show full severs and severs with up to 20 free slots.

Anyway great plugin love it
No, its not possible anymore.
Battlelog uses predefined keys for slots, and if this key not exists on the serverside, you could nothing do against it. I not know if its possible in the past, but now its not possible. I spend also some time for this issue, its requested in the past.