Error with "Dude, I'm a Frag Master" assignment - Better Battlelog Forums #1999

My first post on this forum, therefore I'm obligated to first congratulate you guys on this fine job you're doing with BB and expending original one with all the relevant data. Well done!!!

Back to the topic, firstly I search this forum and couldn't find (maybe I'm wrong) anyone registering the problem regarding the counting grenade kills in "Dude, I'm a Frag Master" assignment. Prior the latest patch everything was fine, but after, instead of count , statement undefined/500 is shown.

I fulfill this assignment before the mentioned update, but situation is the same with my friends, who didn't reach 500 kills.

Thanks in advance!

This is fixed with version 2.4.0 which is already out.
Thank you very much Brian, for swift response and for the info!
No problem.

there still seem to be a Problem. My Assignment Dude im a Fragmaster is 0 / 500 even tho i already killed alot of people with nades on alot of different servers....

Any fix?
Reported multiple times, please use search.