user radar not saved on chrome - Better Battlelog Forums #1901

I did not see this posted anywhere else, but i apologize if I just missed it.

Using BBLog version 2.2.1 in Chrome 20, no names are saved in my local user radar. I can click on the radar icon, but if i leave the page and come back the icon is cleared, and if I click on the show/edit player list it is empty. It seemed to work OK for me in Firefox, but that browser kept locking up on my PC so i had to stop using it.

Any suggestions? (I am new to the world of extensions and add-ons; been using IE all my internet life)

do you use "forward/backward" button/function?
Nope! I was opening the players in separate tabs. But I just now tried radaring someone, then clicking the BF3 "home" button, then navigating to another player and radaring him and clicking home, and when I checked the list both players were still shown. I closed Chrome completely and opend it again, and still saw both, so i think the issue may be resolved. Thanks!!!
yes thats the point. it doesnt work right if you work in more than one tab or if you are using the forward/backward button in the different browsers.
Thanks; much appreciated!