Make new header that does not scroll with the page. - Better Battlelog Forums #98563

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The new header introduced in the battlelog update is very large. I think it would be better if it didn't scroll with the page and was just stuck to the top of the page like previous versions. Its really just in the way and seeing that 16:9 is probably the most common aspect ratio it is taking up way too much valuable vertical screen space.
i think thats a good idea for a next option in general BBLog settings.
but i dont know what brain thinks about =) i think it would be nice to can choise between scroll or fix.
It's already the is stuck to the top of the browser window when you scroll
I was trying to say not make it always on screen like it was before the update
My next theme change this, please wait a little bit.
No thing for a main BBLog Feature. We don't change anything back to any old Battlelog State.