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In the emblem editor it would be an nice feature to be able to move groups of objects all at once. That way if I put together one piece that involves several pieces and I need to move the whole thing, I can just select the pieces involved and move them all at once.
Don't think it's possible but i try some stuff.
Sry, didn't found a easy solution for that.
The editor is still buggy from the battlelog side, so maybe after some time they will add such a feature natively.
I think I thought of something that could work.
There could be a record button that takes the objects state at the time record was selected and compares it to its final state when you stopped recording.
So if the object started at
Angle: 0
ScaleX: 0.5
ScaleY: 0.2
Top: 160
Left: 50

and changed to
Angle: -8
ScaleX: 0.7
ScaleY: 0.3
Top: 170
Left: 70

It would store the differences in each aspect and allow you to apply them to any object that you would need to.
Change angle by -8, Top by +10, left by +20, scalex by +0.2, scaley by +0.1
The scale might have to be working with percentages of the original rather than an absolute difference.

Also, a zoom feature would be good. :P
I already tested it and i had a local running solution but nothing that is really good usable.
Well, let us wait some time for battlelog.
I got the info they improve the editor in the next time.