"Shortcut Kit used" for Jets and Choppers - Better Battlelog Forums #2033

First of all thank you for Better Battlog. It is essentiel for BF3 Players, thanks!

My problem:
I don't see my Jet and Chopper Service Stars on my Vehicles Page:

It says "Shortcut Kit used" instead of the Service Stars. But I did not buy any Shortcut Bundles or something, played those up legitimately.
Also when I kill somebody ingame with the Jet or the Chopper, the enemy does not see my Service Stars in this vehicle while "deathcam" either.

After a Match when the Scoreboard appears, I can display my Service Stars in the Vehicles Tab. Dogtags are also working.

Any ideas?
look strange... generally if you bought shortcuts, you won't see how many service stars you have. but in this case it should be written by the unlocks "shortcuts" too, so i dont know whats wrong here.

i think this is an Battlelog Bug. So maybe DICE can help.
How does it look with deactivated BBLog? Have you than the same problem?
When I disable bblog, it just says that i've got everyting unlocked. Like normal without bblog.

But I also guess this is a problem from DICE, because now i know why i got this problem. I bought a Premium Key on eBay. Just Premium - no Shortcut Kits. Since then my Service Stars are not displayed anymore. Also my Service Stars are not displayed in the Deathcam, so this if definately not a bblog issue. But anyway thanks for your advice, i will post on the official Battlelog forum because i'm not the only one with this problem

i think you should contact EA support, because thats an account problem.