Another RM-click function. - Better Battlelog Forums #1641

Hey guys,

First of all, nice job on this addon for BLog, it makes it so much easier.
However, i've got one point which I would be so grateful for if it were to be implemented and that would be to add a "open in another tab/window" function when u rightclick a thread.

I often do this when browsing (sure i can use CTRL, but hey it was there without BBLog so...) and it makes things easier to overlook.

Hopefully this gets some positive attention !


2 already working ways...

1. Activate delayed Contextmenu in BBLog Center
2. Use Middle-Mouse Button

Didn't know about Middle mouse button lol
And the " Activate delayed Contextmenu" doesn't seem to do anything? Or what is it supposed to do?
Holding right button for a while has no effect?

Anyways, just thought it would be easier...
Delayed Contextmenu is to have browser contextmenu beside bblog contextmenu.
If you trigger right mouse shortly, the browser contextmenu will shown, with all things you ever have like open in new tab, etc...
If you hold the right mouse for round about a second, you will see the bblog contextmenu instead.
I'm sorry to say this doesn't work for me.
Oooo, first time I haven't refreshed the page so it wasn't working then.

Allright, nevermind me asking this request !

Thanks for the help!!