Emblem gallery shutdown - Better Battlelog Forums #160164

Hi fans!

Today i've shut down the emblem gallery.
Unfortunetely people not stop posting racism, terrorism and other idiotic/violating flags and emblems.
I'm tired of sorting out the emblem gallery every day.

As we are now on a point where BBLog usage fall down constantly, there is no point of put in that much effort for this feature.

Sorry for all valuable users that posted really cool emblems and artworks, you've made that BBLog feature as cool as it was.

So, that's it for now.
Greetz Roland
Hey man, I used the emblem editor with BBLog a lot and I've really liked it. I haven't shown much interest with the built in emblem search so I would quite like if you kept the emblem editor part in. Using the extra features that BBLog gave me to create emblems was amazing, I enjoyed it so much and I'm sure many other emblem creators can say the same.
Everything is still in. Only the "bblog emblem gallery" is offline.