doesn't work after reload / F5 - Better Battlelog Forums #117455

Crome Version 34.0.1847.131 m
BBLog 4.2.1

When I reloaded the page Battlelog, the plugin is off.
After restart crome, the plugin works again.
Hm... Cannot confirm this.
Anyone else have that problem?
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I can confirm this too, it was OK after a normal refresh, but when I used Ctrl+F5 (force refresh) the same thing happened.

EDIT: Now even after a normal refresh.

EDIT2: The code in inject.js executes, I will research further.

EDIT3: bblog.js does not execute, but the script tag is being added to the head tag.

EDIT4: It's caused by BBLog.initIVC being over 50 (something is probably taking longer than it should, maybe some overloaded servers?)
Ok, that could be the thing. Seems like sometimes something is loaded delayed.
same problem here, plugin doesn't start even after reboot.
Please try the dev version - It's a bug in the current 4.1.2
Now works it all.

Great Job, keep it up.