3 Ideas: Thread Rating System + Ability to Hooah Stats! + View Counter - Better Battlelog Forums #73444

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Hey guys, i have these ideas on my head since some time so I'm gonna share it with you.

Thread Rating System:

If you use BBLOG you should be able to give 1-5 Stars for a Thread.

This way we can avoid false leading titles or just bad trolling posts

Hooah! to Stats:

If we can give Hoaah to Forum Posts/Achievements why not give Hooah to
Weapon stats, KD/R, W/L, SPM etc.

If i see a crazy stat I would give it a Hooah!

View Counter for Profile Page:

Not sure if this is possible but a view counter on how many people viewed your Profile would be nice.
only thing 1 could add is "Flag Counter" but not sure if its working correctly.

Not sure if this is possible in your hands or not.

those are generaly very nice ideas and I'd like to see them implemented as well, but I'd say that this would be pretty heavy on the database and I'm not sure if that's fine with Brain.

Well, wait for his definitive opinion :)
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So, thanks for your ideas, my feedback...

1. Already thought about but it requires too much server load for our small server. No way to get this without breaking our server.
2. Same.
3. Same and the counter will never show a correct result because it will be counted only for BBLog people that visiting your page. Maybe you can use a workaround like embedding a counter image into your profile description from any tracking service out there. All BBLog people will automatically see the image (if option is enabled) and this results in a count.