True Player Counts - Better Battlelog Forums #160258

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This plugin is something I pieced together to try and get around the queue bots problem which shows there are more players in the server than there actually are playing.

As said, I've pieced this together from the other plugins I've found and I don't really know javascript very well so instead of laughing at the code, tell me how to improve it :D.

Preview 1.3

Older version previews
Preview 1.0

After version 1.3. The counts are now color coded depending on the difference between actual player count and the count shown by battlelog.

Difference 2 or less -> Dark green
Difference 5 or less -> Light green (Yellow won't show if selected due to white background)
Difference higher -> Dark red

Note: These colors can be changed to whatever you like.

Version: 1.3
- Added: Color coding on low, mid, high difference of the player count shown/the actual ones playing.
- Added: Option to remove spectators/commanders if there are none. This is to trim down the view.
Version: 1.1
- Fixed a bug that prevented automatic loading on page load (Worked from the Editor but not when uploaded).
Version: 1.0
- Initial release

Source Code
Thanks. Plugin approved.
Very useful plugin. Thanks!

Is it possible to sort the server list by the true player count?