Better Battlelog not showing up - Better Battlelog Forums #1661

Hello everyone,

i have encountered a problem with better battlelog. The problem is: I don't see the button for better battlelog at all.

This happens in Firefox AND chrome in their most recent version. Both with the newest plugin downloaded and enabled.

After the download and activation I see the plugin in both programms, but when I start Battlefield 3 and Battlelog opens, nothing is there at the upper left side...

I am using Windows 7 Prof x64 on a Macbook Pro 2011 15"

Any Ideas?

I need to know some things, to make sure. :-)
- How many soldiers do you have on Battlefield? (could be our
- Is it only the BBLog logo that won't show up, or doesn't work the addon at all?

BTW. have you tried
Also readed the new sticky thread?
Yes, I had multiple sodiers active. One on the ps3 and one for pc.

Thanks for the quick update =)