List of radar users/server - Better Battlelog Forums #1390

Thought it would be pretty obvious, but I couldn't find a way see who is "radar" marked without opening each single server/user profile page.
Having them as a list on single page would be handy.

Thank you.
You have different ways to get the radar informations
1. Open advanced options (gear symbol) of the option "server/user radar" -> Show List" - you will see the complete and editable list of all players/servers.
2. A user is marked in the playerlist of a server, on the playerpage or before you join a server.
3. A server is marked before you join in, directly in the serverlist (red symbol) for every server or on the server detail page.

I think there's enough ways to see all whats important.
Oh, I did not see the "gear" icon as additional options. Awesome!
Thank you.