Hardcore / Core Tracking please. - Better Battlelog Forums #127832

Greetings, first time visit and I decided to try and get envolved. So here is my extra cents if not already posted somewhere else.

Please provide a game tracking plugin that tracks how many hardcore games played vs core games played. Those that play core obviously generate higher stats in certain, if not all areas, of the game than those that play a much slower pace Hardcore game mode. However, it really gets annoying to see kids on forums that take battlelog to a pissen contest about how good they are because of stats and other bogus BS.

I shouldnt be ranked and or penalized based for example SPM, when a core players SPM will be higher than someone Hardcore based of selfhealing allows you to stay in the battle a lot longer or red dots that allow you to acquire your targets alot faster for kills.
Sorry we cannot do some in depth tracking.
The best tracking available is bf4stats.com, all the data they have is mostly all of the data that exist in BF.
Oh well...thanks for responding. Or maybe what Im looking for is there in depth and I havent noticed yet.