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This is a hold-over bug from the previous version.

Consistently, my KDR will display as "3.0" instead of "3.95"
have you resetted your stats? i think thats a BLog Bug, not BBLog, if this is like this, we cant do anything.
KDR comes from Battlelog, no bug from our side.
I know everyone thinks I'm crazy.

So here's a screenshot:

And another:

I've never reset, or had my stats reset.
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Do a final test.
Go to the add-on manager and disable Better Battlelog.

Then press F5 in Battlelog, If the problem is still there, you have solid proof that it has nothing to do with BBLog. If it for some weird reason should solve the problem you have proof that it is BBLog related
(if it's still there when you re-enable BBLog)
It's a Battlelog problem. Weird thing is it only happens on Chrome for me.