Platoon Friends Servers - Better Battlelog Forums #1557

Please Add support for this Userscript: (I am the owner of this Fork, and the owner of the mod allows forks)

Basically Its great for when you are running more platoons than you are allowed friends. So we can easily see who is where and join a server with people we are interested in playing with.
I know that userscript.
But i don't include it because it use's too much requests if you have many platoons with many user's.
The reason is simple, we don't want to stress waste battlelog servers more than it does.
Many users take use of bblog so we must do our work very carefully.
Think about 13.000 user's use this from one day to another (actual daily bblog users), this could heavily increase server load for battlelog.
I highly doubt their servers would have a problem with this, especially since they have no problem with multiple connections to battlelog from a single computer. But understandable and fair enough.

Would have been nice to see it though.

One thing you could consider is making an API for battlelog :D That would be AWESOME!