Two "Wish List" Items for BF3's next patch or BF4 - Better Battlelog Forums #96521

It would be a great addition if we could "Lock/Unlock" vehicle doors.

Nothing worse than positioning yourself in a strategic place on the map for some long range fire play to have some nube jump in the drivers seat, only to drive over a mine 5 feet later.

In addition, users that "lock" their door will not be able to exit until they have unlocked their doors which could prove deadly if one forgets.

In addition, in the time we have between rounds, it would be great to see our KITS or LAYOUT. Even better, it would be neat to be able to change KITS between rounds but at the very least, being able to VIEW them would be very very cool.

Thanks gang.
You'll have to go to DICE with this suggestion :P
The lock/unlock doors... well... it's more for an Arma III patch than a BF3 patch.
No, it's a suggested BF3 patch. More than a single game can have the same feature like locking car doors. Not sure I understand the logic of your response unless it's diarrhea?

You can't use cross hairs on BF3 guns because that was done in "Call of Duty"? = I don't understand the logic of your's a shooter with cars therefore suggesting the locking of doors makes the request more like another game?
You know that you're on the wrong forum, right? We can't change things in the game itself. You'll need to post this on Battlelog's own forum. :-)
they won't change anything anynomre on BF3.
This game is finished, they are developing now BF4.

and everthing what meaurk wrote is right.