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scusate come faccio a prendermi un emblema da questo sito e mettermelo nel mio profilo su batteffield

Edit Meaurk: sorry how do I take an emblem from this site and put it in my profile on batteffield
English only please.

In Battlelog go to the "customize emblem" page. At the top of that page you will find a button named "BBLOG emblem gallery". When you click on that button, a new field is opened with all popular saved BBLOG emblems. You can search by tag or colour.
Click on the emblem you'd like to have and a pop-up screen will appear. At the bottom of that pop-up screen you will find a button named "Load emblem now". When you click it, it will change your emblem.

Hope it helped. And next time, as mentioned above, please in English. :-)