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I have a request. Is it possible to make it so that there is either an option to hide completed assignments or to bring unfinished assignments to the top of the list?
in general oder only for BBLog Assigments?
it would be cool to have a filter option in the top of the assigments page:

completed Assigments: Hidden / Visible
Well, i don't think that this is a good idea.
Because some assignments depends on others and if you hide out completed assignment that have "child" assignments than you will be out of context and the view looks broken.
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I would still like this. If an assignment has a assignment that needs to be completed in order to move on then it would just still be in the list, then disappear when completed. The second assignment would simply have a check mark under that part of the requirements.

I assume this thread was originally about BF3, which had some weird assignment lines, but I would really love this for BF4

Or if anyone knows of a plugin which does this, a link would be greatly appreciated (I'm gonna put a request in the plugin forum momentarily though)
well Im glad someone did it, cause it looks great. Here is the plugin:

Answer exactly one year later :)