I am getting kicked by Punkbuster - Better Battlelog Forums #1551

Today after i installed your plugin on Chrome i always got kicked for "MD5 queries" after 3-4 min.

After i deinstalled the plugin everything was ok again.

Maybe you could take a look, because i really like your plugin.

BBLOG is not the web plugin from battlelog, its a Addon. So bblog does not affect any game related stuff. Goto EA support for yiur question.
As placed on the forum:

You probably get a message that you are ignoring the MD5 queries? Ignoring MD5 queries means that Punkbuster cannot scan the MD5's on the local client game folder so Punkbuster kicks the client to make him fix the problem. It has nothing to do with Better Battlelog. Some people say that you need to update Punkbuster manually. Others say that it's a known bug from PBBans.

You can turn Better Battlelog on again (if you still want) I think it was coincidence that it stops kicking you after you disabled the addon.

I have already updated my Punkbuster manually.

I could only play after i deinstalled the BBLog plugin.

Today i tried to install it again and again i started to get kicked.

I could play again after i deinstalled ist it.

I have tested today this 2x times and always the same problem.

BBLog @ Chrome (newest version)

Intalled = kicked
Deinstalled = no problem at all.
Ok, if you think its bblog, keep it deinstalled.
We can say that BBLog does 100% not affect the game itself, because its simple impossible (technically).