German - points and such - Better Battlelog Forums #1931

hey i am from germany and if i watch my profile i see wrong things! my k/d is
and my score is
!!! i mean the symbol between the "x" which I use here for the numbers.

The problem is: in germany we use decimal point: "," for numbers like "i am exactly 1,8000189 meters tall",
and points: "." for "my new house costs 1.000.000 €".

hope you can understand me and i know, you guys can fix this :)
That is absolutely no point of BBLog.
Goto DICE Support for this issue.
And in Switzerland we use . for 1.8451 and ' for my house costs 1'000'000 Fr.
And in Austria they have again a few other rules.

so however, this is something with DICE have decided, thats so small think thats nobody is intressted in this detail. i think here is nothing needed to be fixed.

-edit:- brain thinks like me, thx.