Doesn't work, at all. - Better Battlelog Forums #1636

Worked for me like 1 day perfectly. Now i see Battlelog like it used to be. I have reinstalled twice, updated chrome, but nothing helps. Get better Battlelog expansion is turned on. Any help?
Works fine for me... Try to reset the browser's cache/data.
Never had that issue beffore.
What problem you have specially?
Don't you see the BBLog Center Icon?
Do you miss only some features?
I don't see that Better BLOG logo thingy in the side of the news feed. When typing forum post, i didn't have the options, now youtube videos don't show up. Seems like i'm missing all the features. Chrome version 18.0.1025.162, i hope you check out the issue, i found the extension very useful.
Have you any other addons installed that maybe blocks execution of bblog?
Maybe try it with firefox to verify it depends on chrome.

Cache: Cleared
Other extensions: Removed,
Firefox: Didn't work.
Reinstalled: Yes

Now i have no why it doesn't work. :/ Could the problem somehow be in my computer? Btw, thanks for good service/helping admins.
I have no idea*
Please try to create a new Firefox Profile and test it again.
Google for the how-to. "firefox profile manager"

PS: A Sticky Thread in this bug forum describe it more detailed.

I have the same issue since downloading 1.6.
Cleared my cache, reinstalled, done everything.
It worked fine for weeks before this update.

In Chrome btw, and yeah it's the newest version.
Just add me and battlelog to clear out the issue.
brain wrote:
Just add me and battlelog to clear out the issue.

Request sent
Fix in