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I found this nice modding/emulator tool called Venice Unleashed (unofficial of course), which seems to have a lot to offer. They are accepting Closed Beta enlistments at the moment.

You can enlist here:
- Your application has to be approved, so don't expect access to the tool from the get-go.

Total Control: Tired of having your eyes tired by the blue tint? Maybe you dislike suppression or want to disable destruction for a more competitive match. Or maybe you just want to have control over a wide set of features and settings that were initially hidden from you.

Unleashed Features: Witness the return of Spectator Mode, a functional Commo Rose and many more previously hidden, half-implemented or disabled game features. We’re also discovering and unleashing new features along the way, so stay tuned!

Mod Support: Using our powerful Extension System, which exposes lots of engine/game functions and abilities, you can now create your own unique mods and gamemodes, without the need of performing complicated and game-breaking file modifications.
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I think it's actually an emulator for BF3, not just a modding tool.
It'll be fun to see how this tool will stand against PunkBuster, most likely PunkBuster will have a field day picking off "modders".

Oh well, I guess playing on unranked servers with PunkBuster turned off is a small price to pay for a tool this awesome.

Would be cool/good if it's an emulator as well, as you said.
It's an emulator and it has nothing to do with PB or EA. Have you ever heard about emulatornexus for BC2? It's made by the same guy.
Nope, only have BC2 on the 360. So, I haven't really been read up on mods/tools for BC2.
I'm rather sceptical about this tool, but we'll se what it can do :)
This is from NoFate, the man who create an "Spec Cam" for BF3.
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