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Can anyone make a plugin that adds more information to the Battle report? things such as switching "best vehicle" for "second best gun" and adding "headshots" to the report under kills?
If this is possible it would be greatly appreciated
In fact, this is possible regarding information. However, I do not know if our plugin developers are willing to do this, it requires a lot of work, I think.
I can confirm that this is a decent amount of work. The data is there, I've put together a website solely dedicated too battle reports. However, some stats for individual matches are not available such as headshots.
Damn, I was hoping to see my Headshot % in the battlereport :( oh well, whats this site by the way?
I'd rather not advertise out of respect for this site unless given a green light from a mod/admin. I'm planning to write a simple plugin to go along with the "toPDF" and "bf3stats report" buttons that will show the report using my site which shows more stats and allows you to save it to jpg or png.
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Not a problem from my side if you try it with jpg/png or any other format than PDF.
Well, just a note, closed his service because of the too big server usage.
It had the same as you want do, battlereports download as image.
- Cool. I figured out how to do it 100% client side via the <canvas> element (html2canvas, canvas2image)

How can this be done download the application and install the Chrome to the plugin?
I tried already to varying and watching videos but we can not seem to install the .. pls there any advice?
lubosnsy wrote:
How can this be done download the application and install the Chrome to the plugin?
I tried already to varying and watching videos but we can not seem to install the .. pls there any advice?

Just Download the plugin, go to Tools > Extensions, drag BBLog Download from the download bar (or from the folder) and drop in center of Extension Page.
OK, so I've written a simple plugin that puts a button on any battle report page. The button will then load the report using my site (shows lots of extra stats). From there you can export an image of that report if you would like to keep it.

Plugin URL:


*Note: It does NOT make an image of the Battlelog report (what the bblog toPDF button does), rather it makes an image of the report my site generates. The same method/scripts could also be used to generate images of Battlelog reports client-size instead of PDFs server-side should someone want to take that on. I have links to the libraries I used on my 'about' page if your interested.

I haven't really tested out the button much but if you have any issues or tips, just let me know.

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well first, i really like the page.
it looks like the old BF2 classic battlereports with the flag and all awards. i really like it.

otherwise, it doesnt work. im clicking on the link a new tab will be opened and redirected after a few secounds loading to the normal battlereport on battlelog. shouldn't it open your battlereport page?

it would be much easier if your plugin (i mean the button on the report page) would just open a link like this:

Tried it out with five battlereports from me and all worked without long loading time.
Thanks. BF3 is my first Battlefield title (PS3) so the similarities are pure coincidence, but thats interesting to know.

Do you use BL in a different language from English by chance? My plugin looks up the current page's URL and doesn't expect to see locale stuff like "de" or "fr" in the URL. If the URL does have locale stuff, this may be why it opens up the same BL page.

I can update if someone can confirm this.

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confirmed. but as i said, open the link which i had posted, and don't create a image. i think that would be much better. on this way, you just have to pick out the two IDs.
Good work, robenter.
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Fixed for non-English language users. Sorry for any frustration or inconvenience. (ver 1.1)

Same Plugin URL:



Some clarity as to how the plugin button/links work.

The button opens up a new window to:
which gets filtered to the URL you wrote:

For example browsing one of my reports:
2) click "BF3BattleReport" button whi[code]ch opens:
4) gets filtered to (automatic from user's perspective):
5) /

The reason I have this is because it is easy to cut and paste the "REPORTID/#/SOLDIERID" part and add it to the end of without having to change to the '?' or '-'. Its basically the same link. It also looks cleaner if you were to share the link with others.

The original problem w/ the button was that I did not account for "/bf3/fr" or "/bf3/de" being in the URL since I am American and all I ever see is "/bf3/...". I've fixed that now so I am just looking for the REPORTID/#/SOLDIERID part.

Also, concerning the "image":
The button opens up a report on my site (in HTML). From there, the user would have to click "Export to File" to open the "Export page" where the user then clicks another button to generate the jpg/png. The image of the report does not get generated until then.

EDIT: Formatting of URLs above...
than its everything alright and working well.
plugin is running and have decided no bugs yet.

one small point.
atm we have buttons for "Save as PDF" " Battlereport" and "BF3BattleReport"
i think we have there too much "BF3" and "Battlereport"s and can be a little bit confused... my opinion ^^
FYI - I've made an edit/fix to the BF3 Battle Reports plugin that was needed because Battlelog changed their format for battle report URLs. If you noticed that it stopped working a few days ago take note that it should be working fine now.

Same Plugin URL:

I made an account here for one and only one reason only. This will probably not be seen, but I want a graphic in my BBlog signature. It will only come up as a link, but casually paste the link in a sentence and it becomes a picture, not a link! I have tried everything, all the links, and I'm ready to force feed a baby my feces.