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Thanks to all for the great discussion on reddit. Nice to see that many people still like battlelog.

Last updated: 18. May 2016 18:00 UTC
I, as the creator of Better Battlelog, have much contact with the code of battlelog. I have no access behind the scenes but i can analyse what i see.
And what i see makes me sad.
The fact's that i compare with previous game launches in battlelog.

1. Everytime a new game comes out, many of things change in Battlelog before anyone else can see it. I saw that with every release of a game, it started all more than a half year before the release of the game.
Now it doesn't happen anything interesting. No preparation for a new game and other stuff. Nothing that takes me to the point "Oh, a new game could come".
I carefully analysed the code and the changes in the last few months, nothing.
Remember: I leaked the BF Hardline release first :)

2. Not just one official word for battlelog. For the last games, they where very proud for the battlelog system and they announced it everywhere they could. Now we only hear silence.

3. They officially confirmed a server-browser, again with no word for battlelog.

4. Just shooting in the dark: What i see from code changes, they maybe move the existing battlelog to in-game and screw the Web based battlelog - The technology behind the battlelog led me to this assumption. But here i am do just loud thinkin.

5. The official BF1 chat forum is NOT in battlelog. It always was in battlelog for the last games. Now it just links to an external site when you go to the battlelog forums.

Update 2:

6. Many people contacted me during the reddit discussion session. Some of them have more in-depth information. Different people that don't know each other say the same thing (all private messaged me): EA plan to totally kill web based battlelog. Can't name sources here but i trust (some) of that people.

Update 3:
No more Battlelog forums officially confirmed

With all that said, i am pretty sure that BF1 will not have any WEB based battlelog. But i am also sure that they add an adequate alternative, which only can be completely in-game.
Update: Why i am sure? They already have a "battlelog light" in-game and the problem always was that web-based battlelog is, mostly, PC only.

, i hope so, for the live of BBLog.

The FAQ of the reddit community

1. What if they learned and do not the same mistakes again and leak out stuff into public code?
A: I really hope so. When i am wrong it will be a good day for me and BBLog. The past tell us another story.

You heard it here first :)
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I don't think this is a good idea.
Deploy fixes and new tools to web based is way too "simple" than deploy to an store app. Applications needs to update the client and everything.

I mean simple, because is too more easy to debug/fix a code which run in a already know server and specs, who runs just web based than to deploy a fix for a application running on-premises.

Not counting the user experience. Is far more easy to know what you will play just opening a new tab and search for game/friends playing and what. If i need to open game for that, this i'll kill all my will.

I hope they change their minds.
New fact: No more Battlelog forums officially confirmed
So they're effectively killing Battlelog? Strange, after so much work that went into it, swimming against the stream of people hating it only to leave it to die after people pretty much accepted it. Didn't expect that.
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Another coffin nail for battlelog.
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So, well.

That's the final confirmation.
No more battlelog for BF1.
Serverbrowser and all stuff in-game.