Radar extension: GoodList and BadList - Better Battlelog Forums #1700


First at all really
for your hard work for free..... the result is
impressively good

Yesterday I was thinking about a simple idea: with Radar I can avoid cheaters and idiots.... but very often you find good people, and good teams to play against or with.

It is not easy to find people with team style, and you don't necessarily wants everybody as a friend. In this case, an elegant solution can be to flag people as "good one", and than with the same Radar feature, we can see, server by server not only if bad people is there, but if good people too.

This can be useful too when you wants to follow people before requesting friendship.

In practice, in top of the existing friends and platoons, we can have another "level": less than friends, more than unknown people, to play with.

Think about it.... If you duplicate the Radar code, in such a way that we can mark people with a green sign, or a red sign, we can distinguish between good and bad.
It's gonna be too much when we add a new radar. Some people already had problems with the existing ones. You can do this with the existing radars too when you re-arrange your own friends and ban-lists. To cut the friends into more specific group is hard work and only a few people get advantage of this - And i do not implement features that makes no advantage for most users (If it's too much work).
So, rejected.
I understand your point, but I dont want another radar: i'd like the possibility to mark players as good or as bad into the existing system, and than to show him with a different colour.

Basically the idea is to associate to each player selected with the radar system a flag (good or bad) than can be translated into a different symbol when you select servers.

I dont know if I explained clearly, anyway if you feel it is not useful for most people, no problem.
I see the good in this idea, I'd like to use it myself.
It's up to brain though.