BattlelogPlus (Add-On) - Better Battlelog Forums #1712

I was on the!/BetterBattlelog
twitter and found this interesting tweet!/NM_Jeff/status/198513990928830465

I downloaded it and it's a really nice add-on, it has a some really helpful tweaks and features. If it's used together with BBLog, well, let's just say that the result is awesome.

As much as I like the add-on I'm going to keep it deactivated, that is unless it gets fully compatible with BBLog. If Roland and the creator of BattlelogPlus would work together and make both add-ons fully compatible with each other it would be really nice.

NOTE: I have tried it a little bit and the only thing that I see is interfering with BBLog is the awards page. Also, I don't know how this works with saving server filters seeing as it changes some options.
Tried it. Not bad, but some things don't work. Hopefully roland can contact the creator and make some awesome add-on together. :D
The stats preview feature is ... nice...
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Well, does anyone know what's happened to this project?
I see absolutely no changes since few months, the forums is completely full with spam and it looks like the admin is gone.
It seems pretty much dead. Too bad because it has some cool features.