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1. Platoon button at top of page takes you to the Edit Platoon page, unlike the other buttons that bring up a window for you to click what you want. It would be more convenient if if the Platoon button did like the others and gave you options to click where you wanted to go instead of sending you to a page you don't need and then having to click the option you wanted.... much like old BBLog. I have founded 3 platoons with close to 100 members each and I use the platoon button to go to each platoon page and rarely have a need to go to the edit platoon page.
2. I use Norton Identity Safe (NIS) and Firefox 20 (currently). NIS works fine for all pages and logins except
Login will not fill as designed. It must be entered by hand. Once entered by hand and then "login" is clicked, NIS fills in the appropriate info as the page loads [because of manually entering NOT because of NIS]. Apparently NIS does not recognize the login fields as such until the page begins to load.

This requests are better placed for real battlelog features.

1. Platoon thingy, only DICE can do it without performance issues.
2. BBLog not enabled on the login page. BBLog only be enabled when you already logged in and directly on a battlelog page.