BBlog 4.1.2 issues on Chrome 34.0.1847.131 portable - Better Battlelog Forums #117529


I'm having an issue while trying to use the newest BBlog 4.1.2 on my Chrome portable. the exact Chrome version is
and it runs from my USB3 flash drive.

I installed
BBlog 4.1.2
over the Chrome extensions webstore:
Chrome store

I made sure it's installed and active under the Chrome extensions:
Chrome extensions

now it comes, after the very first install BBlog got started and I saw Battlelog changing. except the "Better Battlelog" button on the top, it never appeared. after reloading the page suddenly BBlog diasppeared and never came back again. so now I'm just seeing the standard Battlelog page although BBlog is installed and active.

the only other extension I use is AdBlock 2.6.29, deactivating it did not help either.

what I tried so far with no success:

so I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
Please try the dev version - It's a bug in the current 4.1.2
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ok, thanks for the reply.

I tried the dev version and the issue seems to be fixed.