PBBans/GCC Stream importer? - Better Battlelog Forums #1455

Could you make it so we could import ban lists from GCC and PBBans? Possibly other community lists maybe?

I find the player radar really usefull to avoid cheaters but I cant just add cheaters from lists with out doing it by hand.

One issue is that the addon uses the stats page ID aka Player_ID and not player name. Maybe you could add a setting to use only player names and ignore the Player_ID? This way I could run a script on a PBBans list to get all the names and import it into the addon for my own use!
There is no feature planed to do any of your wishes.
BBLog will never support GCC and PBBans Import/Export for many reasons that i not explain here detailed.
But you can use and share your own BBLog Lists with others, outside of the addon.