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When you look at someone's profile it'll show you what server they are on but that's all. You can click on that server name / link and join from the following page. But if you want to join on that person they either have to be a friend of yours or you have to work a bit harder to be able to it (explained below).

So why am I asking for this. As a server admin with a server that run a 24/7 Metro we all know that despite DICE fixing 1 of the glitches that allowed people to get in the ceiling there are 2 others that I know of. As a good server admin instead of just taking people at their word that someone is up there I like to try to get a screen shot of it so if they try to dispute it we have proof that says other wise.

Here is what I've been having to do as it is:
I go to the server's page on Battlelog and find the glitcher.
Click on the glitcher's name which takes me to his stats page.
From there I have to go to his Profile page (this part I'm ok with so far).
Now I click on the friend's list and pick on of his friends at random.
On that person's Profile page I click on the friend's list again.
This will show me that the offender is playing and what server and includes a Join button along side the "Add as friend" button
I'm now able to join directly on the glitcher's team and in their squad even if it's locked.

A cheap and dirty mock up of what I had in mind.

Not my profile. No idea who the person is. I just picked it at random, hence wiping out their name and other identifying information.
What do you exactly mean?
Isn't there already a button to join?
Patschi wrote:
What do you exactly mean?
Isn't there already a button to join?

Only for friends. I think DICE removed the "Join" button few Battlelog updates ago. Dunno why.
Ah okay. I'll take a look tonight.

//Update 03.10.2012 00:32

Sorry, but I'll take a look only tomorrow (4.10.)
I currently working on a other plugin (also newsfeed)
for an german fan page.