Using layer details window breaks editor - Better Battlelog Forums #110412

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With changing the angle or size will cause the drag boxes on the corners and sides to not update with the object. Deselecting and re selecting seems to fix this.
Changing the top and left values and then immediately trying to re size manually breaks everything and gives you values of NaN. Moving the object slightly by hand after setting those values will prevent this from happening.
Ok. The bug with NAN i've found.
Just doing that
emblem.emblem.canvas._activeObject[attr] = parseFloat(this.value);
// instead of that
emblem.emblem.canvas._activeObject[attr] = this.value;

But i cannot find any solution to update that damn control positions.
I've tried out so many things with the emblem functions but non really worked.
Ok, i've found that also battlelog native functions doesn't update the controls properly (Rotate button, Flip Button). I have to wait that they fix it.