Custom Filter Design Flaw Fix - Better Battlelog Forums #1852


As you may know, if you have a custom filter active like "FF on" and the "Normal" preset, you won't get any results.

While this may be obvious for experienced players, it's not for your average Joe. So what i'm asking is simply: if you have any sort of custom filters active, de-select any presets.
What you mean with custom filters?
If you mean that is commonly a battlelog problem you should goto EA/DICE with this issue.
I did actually:

They think it's not a problem, people just shouldn't be stupid. -.-

To clarify: On the server browser there's the "Advanced settings" area which let's you set various custom filters.

The problem is, that if any of those adv. filters are active and you happen to have a preset (normal, hardcore, inf-only) activated, too, you won't find any servers at all.

Some people - including me - think that this isn't obvious enough. That's why i'm proposing it here: if "Filters" is checked under "Advanced settings", automatically de-select all of the "Presets".
Ok. This really should be fixed by DICE. We don't should do the bugfix work for DICE. .-)
brain wrote:
Ok. This really should be fixed by DICE. We don't should do the bugfix work for DICE. .-)

Agreed, but they don't think it's a problem, which in turn makes it an even bigger one. Did you even read that thread? There's an employee deeming it "not a problem".

You Addon is pretty popular (i'm even thinking of porting it to Opera), which is why fixing it here would already help a lot of people and create a "better Battlelog", wouldn't it?
You are right, and i don't readed the getsatisfaction thread yet.
I'm currently blocking many "minor" requests because my time is very limited ATM.
But i keep it in mind and do some quick tests about this. If it is a work of 5 minutes it should be in next update.
Awesome, Danke. :)